Trayvon Martin By Bob Rok and DJ MAR

by Bob Rok

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Sanford Sanford
My what a handful
George Killed Tray
And the Cops Just stand still
Marked for death
Young black they can kill
And if their Mothers weep
It's a mountain from an ant hill
Tomorrow in the Times
White Man walks on account of being harmless.
But Smoke still sets in a cloud above his harness
Reversal up the roles
Tray Be begging for a pardon
Selective laws, the whole things flawed
The hatred in his voice that night says it all
Since when is a weapon Skittles and Iced Tea?
I wear a hoodie too though he could've iced me
Mr. martin, we beg your pardon
They are a lot of black youth buried in the garden
Next to the natives and rich white hatred
Nothing is sacred
it's back to the basics

Red white and Blue
I never see the hues
Just the absence of the colors
Doing what they wanna do

In dyno kicks
He peddles down the block
where the whinos drink
Thoughtless violence
the Chi don’t think
He’ll wake up tired
and go to sleep pissed
Everything around him
feels like a risk
He might not die
but they might not miss
Where the Cops take lives
The charge don’t stick
Why Look at this
Drinking like a fish
Doing bout 80
till the car finally hits
Murdered two kids
and the pig gets shit
The legal system favors
corrupt and the rich
They get pats on the back
or slaps on the wrist
Justice for the people
Doesn’t really exist
Cops and Crooks
Do whatever they wish
So the kid lays low
staying home writing myths
Stayed Focused
Sharpened his gift
Impressed his friends
with the freestyles he spit
Sang his own hooks
made his own beats
Never ditched class
and stayed off the streets
He could give a rats ass
if they thought him a geek
Skies the limit
but time is a theif
And last summer
He got killed on 18th
Mistaken for a Dude
what do the same thing
Fighting over brew
Crews and stained bling

Red white and Blue
I never see the hues
Just the absence of the colors
Doing what they wanna do


released March 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Bob Rok Chicago

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